7 Tips for Growing Your Business Opportunity Leads

Growing your B2B clients and partners is important for business growth and success. Here are seven tips you can use to get more business opportunity leads.

It's not uncommon for businesses to spend $20,000 a year or more on leads.

If you're not seeing a return on investment of at least 10 times that, you could be struggling to see your business grow and succeed. Rather than spend more money on leads, you could change your strategy for achieving more business opportunity leads.

Through adjustments to your website, creating more web content, and designing a social media strategy, you could find and convert leads with lower efforts. Once you have your plan in place, you'll be able to benefit from these low-cost solutions for years, with only minimal maintenance.

For some low-cost ways to grow your business opportunity leads, try these 7 strategies for a high return.

1. Improve Your SEO

Taking advantage of search engine optimization strategies can help your website show up high in the results when users are looking for a business like yours. Search engines reward sites that are well-designed, use smart keywords and have frequently added content.

One of the best things you can do for your site's SEO is to include lots of local keywords. Rather than having generic words in your metadata and titles, list both the kinds of work your business does as well as the city where you're based. When potential customers search from within your area, they'll see you near the top of their results.

Hiring an SEO strategist to write up a plan for your company is a cost-effective solution to generating more business opportunity leads with the site you've got.

2. A Landing Page

Your landing page allows you to get visitors to your website for a very specific purpose. Here, they'll have the opportunity to sign up for a free consultation or quote on services. In exchange for their email address, you can offer them something.

Brainstorm with your team about the kinds of promotions, free services, or e-guides you could put together. Using the knowledge that your team has, you could come up with some great giveaways that engage your potential audience.

Once you've gotten your customer's email address, you have a point of contact to start finding out more about them. If you can include checkboxes or a 2-3 question survey when users sign up, you'll know enough about what to offer them.

Hosting landing pages on your own server will also allow your site's SEO ranking to grow. By growing the number of people clicking into your domain, search engines will see you've got valuable information and are an authority in your field.

3. Run A Webinar

With the live streaming capabilities of Facebook and YouTube, it's never been easier to run your own webinar.

Come up with a list of the most common questions you hear from clients. Create the outline of a 10-15 minute presentation addressing issues that you think your clients could benefit from. Create a slideshow to accompany your webinar so that your customers can follow along.

By running your own webinar, you'll show potential customers that you're an authority in the industry you work in. You'll also get to show off how well you know the topic you're presenting on.

Using social media will allow you and your customers to disseminate your webinar widely, building more traffic and even more authority for your brand.

4. Write A Blog

There's more than one way to tell your customers how much you know about your products and services. Writing a blog can be a great way to not only build your authority but also to bring traffic to your site.

If there's one thing that search engines live for, it's fresh content. Search engines use a tool called a "web crawler" to index the entirety of the internet. That's how they can return so many results in a fraction of a second.

By getting web crawlers indexing your URL often, you'll show search engines that you're constantly putting out fresh content, relevant to your customers. If you include all of your most important keywords and phrases in your titles, URL, and metadata, that's all the more reason to connect you with searchers.

5. Claim Entries on Directories

Google My Business, Yahoo! Local, Yelp, Angie's List, and many other services list business locations and contact information. If you haven't claimed your listings yet, there could be some created by users with faulty information.

Go through the process of claiming your position on these directories so that you can be sure customers can contact you when they come across your information.

Most of these directories also give you the option to review businesses. In order to increase your business opportunity leads, reach out to current and former customers. Offer them deals, specials, or free products in exchange for a review on one of these sites.

Even if you're a new company, building up positive reviews can help you in the case that anyone writes a negative review. Your average rating won't be hurt by one negative rating.

6. Write Some Press Releases

If you've got some new products or services available, why not reach out to your base via email?

Press releases and emails still work. You can reignite interest in your company or convince a lead that you're working hard to offer great services. Press releases give you the opportunity to show off your authority and how cutting edge your business is.

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7. Create A Referral Program

Much like the online review tactic mentioned above, you could engage customers by offering a promotion. Referral programs get your old customers to come visit you again and can generate new leads through another kind of promotion.

By coupling a reward for both first time and referring customers, both parties will receive a benefit and you'll end up with two lead conversions.

Business Opportunity Leads Are Waiting To Be Converted

Generating leads is only half the battle.

Once you've got them, you need to be able to convert them. By taking a confident and assertive approach through these digitally forward-thinking tactics, you'll shorten the time to conversion.

If you're ready to improve your ability to generate and convert leads, check out our guide to creative content marketing and take it up a notch.