How 80% of Online Marketers Are Full of Malarkey and Only 5% of Business Executives Can Call Them Out on It

How 80% of Online Marketers Are Full of Malarkey

Are you trying to sort through the field of online marketing? You're not the only one as 80% of marketers are full of malarkey and even their bosses don't know.

It is hard to find an honest marketer. Most of them are full of malarkey and even experienced business people may have difficultly sorting the good from the bad.

Is your digital marketing strategy suffering because you are listening to the wrong people?

80% of online marketers are full of malarkey

With so much information out there, you don't want to waste time. This is why you need to stay smart, get your digital marketing strategy in order and choose the right person for the job.

Why are so many online marketers full of malarkey?

They offer second-hand advice

The next big thing could actually be yesterday's hero. Many digital marketers don't take the time to research and rely on old digital marketing strategies.

The digital space moves at a rapid pace and what worked last year might now work now. A good marketer will be reading and researching on a continual basis. They will be aware of any trends before they become mainstream.

The advice you are getting could simply be common sense. Put yourself in the customer's shoes and consider how and why they purchase what you're selling.

What do they see when they visit your website?

They want you to buy a get rich quick scheme

Many digital marketers might not be experts in their field, but they are experts in trying to manipulate you into buying their overpriced theories.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don't rely on false testimonials, read third party reviews and chat to real people about whether the specific service worked for them.

Digital marketers often sell pages and pages of information, often it is easily accessible for free on the internet.

They want you to pay for it

We don't expect anyone to work for free, and if something is going to truly help you get results then it may be worth it.

However, many digital marketers are selling malarkey and expect you to spend your hard-earned dollars on it.

This is often at a high price point, with the option of a monthly plan. Is it worth signing up for a long-term financial commitment?

Consider if hundreds of other people are buying the same information, is it still going to set you apart from the crowd?

They will lie to you

Some marketers will lie to you. Plain and simple. They will sell you practices which could damage your reputation.

You want someone honest. They need to be honest with you, and honest with your potential customers.

Although it may require a little more patience to do things the right way, in the long run your business will benefit.

Remember, this is an investment.

They take your money and run

Some digital marketers are happy to take your money and run. They may even offer you a valuable source of information.

But, without the opportunity to access their support services, you still may experience failure. The best kinds of marketers are those who offer continued support, the ability to ask questions and brainstorm ideas.

These are rare gems indeed.

They target your emotions

It can be hard to separate business and emotions. Some digital marketers want to push their malarkey onto you and if you aren't thinking clearly you might just fall for it.

The idea of bypassing hard work and making money overnight is tempting. You might even start to daydream about what you would do with all that cash.

Do you remember Scrooge McDuck had that money room? Marketers often have you believe you could be swimming in your very own pile of money by the end of the day.

Remind yourself, it's just a cartoon.

You can make good money, but it won't happen overnight.

Want a digital strategy without the malarkey?

Marketing doesn't have to be as difficult as you may think. The key is to stay up to date with the top marketing trends.

5 things which are currently working in digital marketing

Knowing what areas you should be working on will save you from getting conned by a potentially inexperienced digital marketer.

1. Email Targeted Prospecting

This works. Use it for business to business marketing and make sure you target multiple channels.

This will help to generate genuine leads and get your foot in the door. The important thing to remember is you need to offer something of value.

Give them a reason to open your email in the first place.

2. Content, content, content

Create fresh content across all of your platforms. Have a focus on quality, frequent posts.

Make your content work for your brand and you will be surprised how quickly it will grow.

3. SEO strategies to increase your ranking

Search engine optimization is an art, and one which changes all the time. When looking for digital marketers to help in this area, check their experience.

Do they have proven results? Is it a Google friendly strategy? You don't want to lose your ranking from using poor, outdated methods.

4. Forget RTB and brand marketing

If you are using a B2B model, RTB (real-time bidding) can be ineffective. If you want results you need to think outside of the box.

Traditional brand marketing doesn't work for all businesses, particularly digital marketers. It can be hard to stand out from the crowd in a packed marketplace.

Focus on lead generation instead.

5. Prove your expertise

Offer guest posts and show your potential customers that you are an expert in your field. What do you have to offer?

Write posts for other websites and include your links, this will be good for both SEO and brand loyalty.

Can your digital marketer offer you ways to do these?

The best way to avoid the malarkey is to have a general direction of where you want to go.

Look for proven results and an honest approach.

How do you feel about digital marketing?

Have you experienced any of the above? What strategies do you use?

We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.