How Real Time Email Verification Changes the Game for Finding Leads Online

Real Time Email Verification: Get The Best Leads Online

Don't waste time and resources marketing to leads that bounce back. Instead, use innovative real time email verification to find the best quality leads online.

Did you know that 56% of marketers believe that personalized content promotes higher engagement rates?

Email marketing is one of the best ways for people to find legitimate leads online. But this tactic is only effective if you're sending your content to people with legitimate email addresses.

Bounced emails and error messages plague nearly every marketer, but those could soon be a thing of the past. There's a way for you to ensure that your emails are going to the right place.

Curious about why bounced emails are more than a nuisance? Ready to learn how you can improve your email marketing campaign results? Read on to find out!

The Problem With Bounced Emails

Sending out an email marketing campaign and then receiving countless bounce notifications can be disappointing.

Some people just see bounces as a minor inconvenience, but the truth is that those hard bounces do a lot to hurt your campaign.

A hard bounce isn't just a missed business opportunity. Hard bounces can damage your IP reputation, and could even get your "banned" from using some popular email marketing platforms.

If an internet Provider or email marketing platform notices that there are a lot of bounces coming from your campaign, they could accidentally see you as a spammer.

Spammers tend to send out emails that frequently bounce because of the low quality of their email address. If you keep sending out campaigns that have high bounce rates, you may find yourself suspended from sending more.

Reduce Bounces By Verifying Emails

Regardless of whether you get your email addresses from purchased lists or business cards you pick up throughout the day, there's no way to tell that the addresses you have are active.

Using email verification is an excellent way to get better leads online and make your email marketing campaigns more successful.

Using an email verification program that can analyze and verify email addresses in real time can significantly reduce your bounce rate. It can also ensure that the leads online you get are higher quality.

Improve Leads Online By Eliminating Bounces

Verifying emails is only one way to reduce your bounce rate and get better leads online. There are some basic, yet effective, email marketing best practices to follow.

If you're ready to improve the quality of leads and email marketing campaign, make sure you follow these tips to reduce your bounce rate.

Have a Good Sign Up Form

The easiest way to avoid bounces and good great leads online is to start off with a solid foundation. The form people use to sign up can do a lot to make sure you're getting good information.

Have some kind of captcha system set up to ensure that you're getting legitimate email addresses and not fake information from spammers.

Also don't just ask for email addresses, ask for other info too. Their full name, and in some cases job title and company, can help you better target them. And be sure to use best form design practices when you create it.

Use Double Opt-In Instead of Single Opt-In

Some businesses get people to sign up to receive emails by filling out a simple form. All people need to do is enter in their emails, hit subscribe, and then they're a part of the campaign.

This method may be simple for the user, but it isn't the most effective way for you to get more subscribers and better leads online.

Instead of doing a single opt-in system, go for the double opt-in. Send your subscribers an email to confirm that they want to be included on the list.

That simple confirmation email can do a lot to improve your marketing campaign.

When you have a double opt-in system, you also confirm that the email address you received is spelled correctly and free of typos. It also gives you explicit proof that your subscribers have agreed to receive your emails.

Double Check Your List

So many email bounces are made because of simple mistakes in the list. An effective way to lower your bounce rate and get great leads online is to check your list before you start any campaign.

It's important to do this even if you've been using the same list for multiple campaigns. Mistakes can be made.

Someone may have accidentally swapped the column for email with last name column. There could be a simple typo in a line. You may have accidentally copied and pasted a comma or a period.

Those little mistakes could send your bounce rate skyrocketing. That's why it's important to double check entries before you send.

Don't Do "List Cleaning" Campaigns

Do you have lists of old email address that aren't sure are still in use? Do you have an "iffy" list you want to try out?

Avoid the urge to send out a campaign with an untrustworthy list for the sake of finding out which addresses are correct. It may seem like a good way to improve your list, but's just harming your bounce rate.

Email providers don't just measure the bounce rate for current campaigns. They take the bounce rate of every campaign into consideration.

Sending out a bad campaign for the sake of cleaning a list could harm your email marketing methods overall.

Email verification tools and a manual audit of your list will be much more helpful than sending out a campaign and hoping for the best.

Ask for Updated Information

You could be missing out on some great leads online simply because you don't have an updated email address.

It's important to give your email recipients a simple way to change their contact information. Adding a button to the end of each email that allows people to change their contact info can do a lot to help improve bounce rates.

You may also want to periodically remind people that they have the option to update their information. Add a link about keeping contact information up to date every quarter or so.

Wrapping Up

Email verification is important, but it isn't the only way for you to improve your ability to get leads online by reducing your bounce rate. If you follow the tips in this post, you'll see the quality of your leads improve.

If you have other questions about how to improve your email marketing techniques, contact us so we can help.