Want To Turn Business Emails Into Profitable Sales Leads?

Cold business emails are one of the most effective lead generation strategies. According to US marketing executives, emails contribute to total sales revenues by over 20%.

Indeed, targeting and personalized B2B emails can be part of a successful lead generation funnel. A survey by the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) reveals that 90% of B2B marketers rely on business emailing as part of their strategy.

We, at Megaleads, are determined to show you that cold emails can not only be meaningful to increase brand awareness and retain customers, but can also generate valuable leads. In fact, according to B2B email marketing benchmarks, successful business email deployments have an opening rate of 14% and 23% depending on industry sectors.

We can help you weaponize business email Google and other platforms to generate your next sales leads. Here is how to fully exploit business email lists in 2020 and make it an integral part of your growth strategy.

Grab your B2B audience’s attention

The first thing that your recipient gets to see from your business email campaigns is the subject line. The majority of marketers keep their subject lines below 60 characters for maximum visibility. Professionals have a reduced attention span for cold emails. Therefore, your subject line needs to get the message across briefly.

Indeed, over a third of recipients (35%) decide to open business related emails based on the subject line alone. This means that you have a limited window of opportunities to make a positive impression.

Including the recipient’s name in the subject line, according to a report from Adestra, will influence their decisions. People are 22% more likely to open cold business emailing when their names appear in the subject line.

Additionally, your subject line needs to be irresistible and spark their curiosity. A/B testing your subject line can dramatically increase open rates.

Create personalized email content

Cold business emails are effective because they target the right person with the right message. We, at Megaleads, are dedicated to providing you with accurate, verified, and high-value B2B prospects including business email G Suite leads. We believe that sending cold emails that meet high-quality standards makes a huge difference to lead generation success. Therefore, we provide you with all the information you need to build a targeted, personalized, and meaningful cold email campaign.

Basic email personalization tips, such as including the name of the recipient and the business, are expected by most leads.

Here’s an example of standard personalization in business email content to promote new software:

Hi Julie!

If you are in the process of launching a new product at Julie’s Company Corp, our software tool could help improve your sales.

Join our online demo to find out more.

Here’s the personalized content for the same campaign using advanced personalization techniques:

Hi Julie!

Congratulations on launching the Juvinator at Julie’s Company Corp.

Our analytic software can help you increase customers’ reach by up to 35%.

Join our online demo to find out more.

Strategic email personalization can double your reply rate. Advanced personalization shows prospects that you understand their business challenges. This could mean including unique social greetings that mention their latest products, business achievements, a common connection, etc.

Build a cold B2B email sales funnel

Cold B2B emailing acts as the first step of your automated lead generation path. Along the path, leads are segmented accordingly and moved further along the sales funnel until they are ready for your sales team.

This is a job for a fully integrated marketing automation system that can build personalized content and follow-up actions. Targeting valuable prospects using cold business email requires an automated B2B sales funnel. Automated sales funnels can have different purposes for your sales team:

● They enable you to collect more information for your sales team.

● They can book appointments with your sales team: Webinars, phone calls, online demo, etc.

● They narrow-down prospects into cold, warm, and qualified leads.

● They keep leads who are not ready to purchase yet into an automated sales funnel cycle.

● They boost sales with OTO (one-time offers) and upselling techniques.

We suggest creating business emails with a solution such as Sales Prospector that supports both features of cold emailing for SMB businesses:

● Easy setup and configuration with Gsuite or Outlook business email accounts.

● Advanced personalization throughout a bulk cold email campaigns.

● Automated follow-up and segmentation activities based on interactions with your business emails. For instance, a prospect who registers their interest in your offer could receive further business communication to qualify the lead. You can also use an upsell email template at this stage.

Defining a meaningful and actionable call-to-action, which acts as an indicator of the prospect’s interest, will help create an effective funnel strategy. This could be booking an appointment for further discussion, downloading information material, signing up for a free trial, etc.

All email funnel elements can be directly defined within the marketing automation system:

● Personalized content for triggered lookalike business audience / first contact for cold business prospects.

● Follow-up funnel communication depending on the action registered:

● Autoresponders per email or via other channels, such as confirmation of appointments, etc.

● Automated drip campaigns, which drive prospects through the sales funnel and send relevant content. You can also diversify channels, using recorded voicemails, SMS, or even outbound appointment setting services to further qualify and segment leads for sales.

● Business email workflows based on prospects’ behaviors, which help navigate and ‘revive’ leads through a long funnel template. These workflows can be used to engage with prospects who open your email but didn’t use the call-to-action, for instance.

Ultimately, successful cold email marketing includes follow-up actions to nudge and qualify your leads effectively along the sales funnel.

Make your cold email lists work harder

Your targeted lead list offers potential for extension. Indeed, digital advertising includes a look alike audience function that can be repurposed to generate additional sales leads. A lookalike group refers to an audience that shares similarities with your prospects and are more likely to turn into leads.

Depending on the digital advertising platform you use, lookalike audiences are called:

● Facebook & Instagram: Lookalike audience

● Google search & Display network: Similar audience

● Google shopping: Customer match

● Linkedin: Matched audience

● Twitter: Similar users

Similar audience groups can be targeted via a variety of ads. On social media platforms, native ads can be used as part of a content-related marketing strategy to identify new, custom audiences. On the other hand, programmatic ad distribution, either Real-Time Bidding (RTB) or other programmatic methods, use strict targeting rules to generate engagement.

Lookalike audiences can be directed to automated cold business email funnels. Alternatively, you can add further segmentation steps to collect additional information before deploying personalized business lead generating strategies, such as signing up for a B2B newsletter that will register their interests.

In conclusion, we hope you can use the short guide to create effective cold emails that appeal to B2B prospects and generate sales leads. All you need to get started is quality B2B records for your business emails, which is precisely what we do at Megaleads!