Why Marketing Consultants Wear Bullseyes

Important Marketing Skills for Gaining Business Leads

Without proper marketing strategies, businesses can fail. We're sharing the important marketing skills you need to gain new business leads here!

Are you feeling the heat?

For today's marketing professionals the business world can be brutal. While marketing tools, technology, and strategies have evolved at a quantum pace, many clients haven't caught up.

There is incredible frustration at trying to deploy new efforts only to be met with resistance. Or worse still, you can be generating immense revenue for a client only to have your hard work go unrecognized.

You may be doing an amazing job and still feel a bullseye pinned to your back!

The bad news is, many marketers have themselves to blame. We help our clients and businesses immensely but fail to give them the tools to measure us.

We give them great business leads and make it look so easy they wonder if they need us at all!

That can end now. We can help you ditch that bullseye.

But first, let's make sure we understand why marketing consultants are the target of so much scrutiny.

Here we go:

Businesses Use Marketing the Wrong Way

Unless a business is incredibly savvy, they often use marketing efforts incorrectly. Marketing consultants see this over again.

They bring us in too late to help and blame us for the failure. Or, we give them a winning strategy and they take credit themselves!

Most businesses haven't integrated marketing into their operations as seamlessly as a company like Red Bull. Red Bull's branding, investment, and marketing strategy are as much of their operations approach as manufacturing is.

But cutting edge marketers can change that approach. We can educate our clients and show them the difference between marketing efforts.

If you show them what works, you'll become an invaluable asset.

Many marketers begin by displaying the difference in quality business leads versus lead quantity.

They Mistake Business Leads for Quality Leads

With all the work to grow inbound traffic and promote Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts, many businesses ignore the quality of the actual business leads they are investing in.

Marketers wear a bullseye because they don't help their clients and organization discern the difference between quality leads and general leads. Tracking investment to conversion is a necessity.

For example, a digital marketing effort into content creation could yield as much as a 3000% boost in inbound traffic. But unless you know if this lead generation effort is linked to conversion it can be deceptive.

Decision makers may think "we paid for all those leads, and nothing came of them."

Instead, tracking each effort to conversion allows marketers to adapt to business needs and demonstrate immediate value.

Value needs to be demonstrated in real time.

Focusing on an integrated ROI strategy allows businesses to understand every investment. They will no longer treat all types of lead generation efforts the same.

Businesses Ignore ROI

Businesses talk about return on investment (ROI) incessantly these days. But at the same time, they are incredibly confused on how to accurately measure and track ROI.

One of the benefits integrating digital marketing with an overall marketing strategy is having direct access to your customers. Businesses no longer require the medium of television, print, and radio to get their message spread effectively.

More important though is being able to track marketing effectively. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to tie ROI analytics into their marketing strategy.

An example surrounding business leads: Investing in leads without analytics means a binary response.

"That didn't work." Or, "That worked great."

Make An Informed Decision

It's impossible to make an informed decision on how to invest, or where to invest next time, with a binary approach. Many marketers wear a bullseye simply because they are not being accurately measured.

ROI analytics means tracking the effectiveness of the lead on the granular level. What is the background, source, business sector, age, revenue size, valuation or stock price of the lead can be valuable information.

Tying this to time to sale, conversion, deal size, and closing costs, are simple examples of how to change marketing mindset into measurable results.

Of course, each business is different. But it isn't enough to measure results using obscure methods any longer.

When businesses develop their own KPIs for marketing ROI they will know exactly what type of business leads pay off and why. They know where to double investment efforts and where to change tactics.

Of course, marketing isn't always a fast, immediate return. And that can be factored into measures.

But many businesses are stuck in the old mindset and don't know how to measure what clearly works.

The New Marketing Approach

Digital marketing means moving from the abstract costs of marketing and tieing them directly to revenue generation.

Return on marketing investment can be measured, reported and tracked today. Next generation marketers don't let their clients and business guess as to the effectiveness of any strategy.

They use proven methods with clear trackable results. And if they don't, they develop new strategies in real time.

Or they get picked off.

Marketers need to track their contribution to each client and organization. Then you're on your way to getting rid of that pesky target on your back.

Ditch The Bullseye

Marketers can also do their part to ditch the bullseye. By integrating tracking analytics and proven, measurable, strategies your role moves from a mysterious cost center to a proven revenue source.

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Getting the Best

Don't wait for someone to hit that target pinned to your back. Marketing professionals need to educate their bosses on clients on how to get the most from every penny spent.

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